Our Mission

developing leaders who drive change and transform business and society!


The MBA International Trade program aims to develop future managers, consultants and entrepreneurs to face today's global business and management issues and to lead the search for sustainable solutions.

We seek to create ethical and effective professionals with the capability and confidence to acquire management positions as well as to develop all the indispensable skills in order to progress to a genuine leadership role.

Our graduates become innovative professionals in the highly competitive global market of the future. 

The MBA Difference

The MBA International program at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences is unique by focusing on: 

1. International Diversity
Collaborate with peers & faculty from heterogenous backgrounds to create unique and diverse insights

2. Learning Community
Learn within a close-knit community that fosters academic excellence and forge lasting friendships

3. International Trade Context
Discover the international trade context and its global impact on business

4. Leadership Initiative
Cultivate leadership principles and expand your leadership potential

5. Academic Network
Explore scholastic and cultural opportunities worldwide to create a lifetime of memories

6. Corporate Partners
Bridge theory and practise through multifaceted collaborative projects to formulate solutions to real-life issues

7. Alumni Relationships
Build long-term connections and uncover business opportunities


The MBA International Trade program is a dynamic, compact 3 semester, 18 month course consisting of 12 core modules, 2 electives and  a master thesis & colloquium for a total of 90 credits.

The 1st & 2nd semester are on-campus semesters, each lasting 15 weeks with 5 core & 1 elective modules for 30 credits . The 3rd semester is an off-campus semester with 2 online e-learning modules and a master thesis with colloquium for 30 credits.

In addition to the lectures in the form of interactive seminars in small diverse cohorts, the MBA International Trade program provides added value through various projects, events, talks, workshops, excursions focused on broadening the academic horizons and exposure to corporate leaders and sectors.

As part of the added value, the 3rd semester is completely online whereby students have an opportunity for a voluntary corporate internship (national or international) OR to avail the option of an exchange semester abroad with our partner universities worldwide.


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Curriculum modules

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Learning environment

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MBA Code of Conduct

MBA International Trade (“Code”) Code of Conduct and Ethics



MBA International Trade program, accredited by FIBAA since 2008