Student elections

E-voting from 23 to 30 June, 2022

23 to 30 June, 2022

Every summer student elections take place at our University. Thus we offer all students the opportunity to have a say in relevant questions and current topics.

Now, it's time again: Students have the choice - they can run for office themselves and/or support and vote for proposed candidates. The website explains which committees exist, who can run, how the process works and why it is worth participating. In order to simplify the procedure the elections will now be held for the first time as e-voting.

Student co-determination at the highest level

  • The Academic Senate is the most important body of the university.
  • The members of the Senate make fundamental decisions, e.g. the range of courses offered, research priorities, development planning, appointments and much more.
  • Each year, 4 students represent all student interests in the Senate.
I would like to run for office
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Participation in structural topics of the departments

  • A department council is elected for each of the 7 departments of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences.
  • This council regulates internal (structural) matters, such as examination and study regulations, new appointments etc.
  • In every of the 7 department councils 2 student representatives represent student interests.
I would like to run for office
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Active participation in shaping campus life

  • Each of the three Anhalt University campuses (Bernburg, Dessau, Köthen) has a Student Council (StuRa).
  • This council regulates student affairs, such as sports festivals, university festivals, social interests, etc. across all departments.
  • For each location, 5 student representatives are elected.
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Active participation within the department

    • In each of the 7 departments of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences there is a student representative council.
    • This council regulates student matters within the department, e.g. freshman days, exam collections, tutoring, etc.
    • For each department (department 1-7) 7 members are elected.
    I would like to run for office
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    Join in and benefit

    Student commitment is rewarded. Thus, in addition to fame and honour, which the elected representatives can earn, there are also some very practical advantages. What these are can be read in the following.

    Run for office now! Benefit from the advantages of committee work

    • Material advantages
      • In some bodies there is a direct expense allowance for the time you invest.
      • Long-term tuition fees are partly waived.
      • Some health insurance companies grant students who are involved in the committee work of the university the normal rate for students up to a further year.
      • Voluntary work is often credited very positively for scholarships and is sometimes even a prerequisite.
    • Intangible benefits

      Through your work in the committees, you acquire many social and soft skills. For employers, these are highly sought-after social and soft skills.

      • In your voluntary work you will also learn a lot about your leadership skills, your time and project management and your resilience.
      • You will have the opportunity to work and act on the same level with your lecturers. Many lecturers will be positively impressed by your commitment.
      • The main task is to represent the interests of your fellow students. You can learn a lot about yourself and the university.
      • Can I do it?

        You don't have to be afraid that it might get too much for you. You will get a lot of support from other members and get to know interesting people. The acquired experience and skills will certainly be useful to you at some point.