Maria Huma - Integrated Design

Design for Mood

Winter Semester 2020/21

Design Theory

In this class, we have explored several aspects referred to the concepts of emotions and design. One goal of this class was to examine approaches connected to design and emotions such as “Design for Well-Being”, “Positive Design”, “Emotional Design”, “Happiness”, “Human-Centered Design”, “Human flourishing”. Furthermore, we have explored different design research methods to conduct research.

Design for Mood: Twenty Activity-Based Opportunities to Design for Mood Regulation

Author: Pieter M. A. Desmet

Year: 2015

In this paper, the author explores the possibilities of designing for mood. He discusses the existing research and products developed to regulate mood by measuring it, adapting to it, expressing it or influencing it. His aim for the paper is to introduce a framework for designers to be able to efficiently design for  mood by focusing on the users' long term subjective well-being. For this purpose he proposes 20 activity based strategies for mood regulation to inspire design intervention.