Mahmoud Daoud - Integrated Design


Winter Semester 2020/21

Design Theory

In this class, we have explored several aspects referred to the concepts of emotions and design. One goal of this class was to examine approaches connected to design and emotions such as “Design for Well-Being”, “Positive Design”, “Emotional Design”, “Happiness”, “Human-Centered Design”, “Human flourishing”. Furthermore, we have explored different design research methods to conduct research.

In this project I studied a book called „How Designers think, The design process demystified“ Bryan Lawson, 2005.

The author gives many theories of design processes and styles of thinking, He discusses the RIBA process and Tom Maver process, and then he adds his own theory. A very interesting subject in this book was the creative process, Bryan lawson discusses a creative process by mathematician Henri Poincare 1924, we start off by first insight in which we investigate and study, and then prepare (this is where we work hard) and then incubation phase and illumination in which the idea suddenly pops up, and finally verification. It is said that when we study a subject for a long time and then get some rest, the brain keeps on functioning and tries to find solutions in the background.

How can we put a definition on something so abstract as thinking? it is a very tricky subject indeed. one thing i believe in, our thinking process could be as unique as our fingerprint.