Rebeca Guedes - Integrated Design

The Reiselust Project

Winter Semester 2020/21

Expertise VR

The Reiselust is a project for the VR Multiuser Expertise. It was idealized by Rebeca Guedes - a Brazilian graphic designer that has been backpacking around the world for the past five years as a digital nomad.

Acknowledging the ubiquity of Design and its ontological aspects, this project aimed to express the double movement of Design in which the author designed the world while the world designed her back.

The Idea

In the VR environment, the stylized Earth was deliberately placed in the center of a galaxy with a glowing grid-floor so that the users could comfortably walk around. From the outside of the rotating five-meters-high globe, the participants could see in real colors the 40 countries the designer has visited till the present moment. Other territories were b&w, and the author's traveling path was represented by glowing red lines around the giant sphere.

By walking into the globe, the participants could then experience Rebeca's travelings through personal pictures placed on the inner face of the spinning Earth. The travel images selected were intended to create intimacy and connection between the author and the participants. By sharing specific traveling moments, the designer could make the audience familiar with the learnings and the fun she achieved during the past backpacking years.