Collaboration with IMS Bauhaus for the campus-fest-bag. For the robotic cutting process (cutting of pes-coated pvc fabric) we had to develop a custom made cutting tool (see image). Then we had to find the right setting and preparation for the turn table base. Due to the size of the cutting patterns we had to program a simultaneous cutting and rotational movement. Everybody was invited to make a hand-on experience with the handling of the industrial robot.

Handon experience project 2018

The task for the Robolab was to fabricate a formwork for freeform concrete furnitures. Mainly two processes were used (milling and hot wire cutting). Please check the Praxisprojekt 2018 page for further information.

Research and testing

In the field of research we supported various projects in the field of fabrication (fabrication of samples and prototypes) as well as for testing of material and construction details. Here we defined a cyclic linear actuation. The actuation position in relation to the activation force was measured and evaluated

Support to Master students from DIA course

In collaboration with TU Delft, the studio 'Robotic fabrication' is supported under the guidance of tutor Sina Moustafvi