Laminated safety glass with phosphorescent signage

Promoter:                      AiF Projekt GmbH, Berlin

Funding:                        Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy, Berlin

Duration:                       2015-2018

Project Partner:           Glass Workshops Frank Ahne GmbH, Pirna

Project Leader:             Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Reich

Researcher:                   Dipl.-Ing. Shawn Ives

The research project focuses on the development of self-illuminating glass surfaces. The applications are mostly found in the field of emergency lighting or information displays, which are integrated in optically high-quality and hygienic surfaces. Brightly coloured in the dark and invisibility under natural light significantly increase the application potential and the variety of uses.

Our research approach is based on EVA composite laminates. The phosphorescent colours are integrated into the aforementioned film plane. The application of the phosphorescent inks, the optical quality and durability of the laminate are the focus of this research.

Applications on the building envelope require mechanical properties that are comparable to laminated safety glass. The test methods standardized in building technology optimize the properties of the laminate for this specific application.