building envelope research group


With the help of our technical equipment, we are able to assist you with your questions.

We offer small-scale material investigations, with the desired life-cycle, as well as load-bearing capacity tests on large-volume components. With the help of our industrial robot, we can carry out repetitive loads and movements in high repetition numbers.

Below is a brief description of the services offered:

Material investigations

  • Determination of material properties. Determination of characteristic parameters (eg elongation, strength, rigidity) in short and long-term behaviour under compressive, tensile, torsional and bending stress.
  • Possible individual testing stand production in our own workshop.
  • Heat flow measurement (u value) of wall structures under laboratory conditions and in-situ.

Artificial aging of materials

  • Accelerated aging under temperature, humidity and light. Parallel examination in several climatic chambers.
  • Resistance testing under aggressive medium in spray chamber.
  • In-situ monitoring of climatic variables in buildings.

Structural behaviour of components

  • Investigations of the load-bearing behaviour of large components with loads up to 400 kN. Larger loads are possible on request.

Stress tests by industrial robot

  • Complex recurring movement stresses due to industrial robot (7-axis system)

Freeform machining / moulding by industrial robot

  • Surface treatment of wood, metal and plastic materials. Free shaping through milling, extrusion and cutting tools.

Testing and monitoring services in glass construction

  • As a testing and inspection body for glass construction accredited by DiBt, we offer a comprehensive spectrum for testing glass components (Accredited Testing Laboratory)

Expert reports and technical advice

  • We provide expert opinions and advise you in particular questions regarding glass and façade construction.