building envelope research group



The course Structural Engineering connects the Architectural defined areas of design, layout and construction with the Civil engineering point of view for structural analysis and planning. The design of the supporting structure is an integral part of the building design. It pursues the goal of developing high-quality supporting structures with regard to construction, design, efficiency and sustainability.

The basic knowledge in structural design is taught by the “Technical Design” courses in the 3rd and 4th semester of the BA Architecture program. This focuses on the mediation and design of different beam and shell structures.

The in-depth computer-aided structural design with the help of Framework programs is main focus of the “Digital Methods” module in the MA Architecture program.

The regular introduction of practical projects as well as practical work and deepening of the project knowledge are offered for all study courses in architecture. In depth projects deal with structure and façade constructions.

Various compulsory modules, such as glass construction, facade construction and smart materials for bachelor's and master's programs complete the course offerings.