Annemarie Reimann - Architectural and Cultural Heritage Exkursion

Excursion Kizhi

In summer 2019, students from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in the Faculty of Architecture, Facility Management, and Geoinformation were able to bring the cooperation agreement with the UNESCO World Heritage Site Kizhi and the ethnographic institute Petrozavodsk in Karelia to life for the first time by living on the island in Lake Onega for two weeks and worked.

Word got around about the enthusiasm for the place, the landscape, nature, and architecture, as well as the warmth of the people in the Republic of Russia, and there was a desire to take a closer look at the area.

Especially in tourist and economic perspective areas, the students saw a variety of unused potential and developed ideas for the development of the area from their observations. However, they focused not only on the island of Kizhi itself, which is a protected ensemble but also on neighboring islands and areas on Lake Onega. The students placed particular emphasis on ecological and economic sustainability.

Master's students took part in the excursion, who have a diverse and differentiated historical and cultural background, and some of whom had experience from their home countries.

The result is a collection of visions that could be established individually and in combination and thus an economic development under the above. Show criteria.

The respect for the highly qualified architects and craftsmen who are committed on-site gave rise to the desire for the repetition of excursions and exchanges. May the cooperation have a long life.