Attilio Terragni - Architecture (DIA) Semesterarbeit

Spectrum - After Geometry

  • Spectrum - After Geometry
  • Spectrum - After Geometry
  • Spectrum - After Geometry
  • Spectrum - After Geometry

There are spaces around the world once designated with purpose and function are today reduced to the shadows of their former aim. Once needed but now abandoned, these environment begin to develop their own character after their initial purpose has long faded. It is as if they are waiting for a moment when they can be brought back to life. Abandoned places have a special romance, but they bring great loss for their own city.

The city’s scars are stimulation for the mind. They raise questions, about memories and imaginations of a foregone past, and of potential future. On a smaller level, these ruins show traces of faced lives, moved communities and shrunken economies. Their voids could provide spaces for the observer to fill them with imaginations and meanings. Decay is a process rather than a fixed image and provokes thoughts and actions. Not surprisingly, it is a main creative inspiration for artists, historians, writers, and scientists.

The understanding of the temporal and dynamic charterer of the space as well as an unpredictable design solution, and the design process is paramount for success.

Empty mining spaces seem particularly suited to create public open space that allows for a variety of uses and activities, and could potentially support the development of vanishing space for cultural and social change. The aim of the thesis project is the merge People, Arts, History, Science and Nature in one center of knowledge, Experience, Discovery, Action, Observation, Imagination and Performance.
The Idea is to transform abandoned spaces into a place beyond human comprehension.
Diverse, Ornamental, Mosaic and Sensational.


Created by: Ksenia Kalacheva

Completed on: SS 2016