Akansha Aggarwal - Integrated Design Semesterprojekt

Experiential Service Design

Winter Semester 2020/21

Expertise Service Design

Erik Bohemia

The project “Experiential Service Design”, guided by Erik Bohemia, deals with a very interesting topic ‘Euthanasia’.
The project is divided into three parts.
The first part of the project asks a very particular question to us ‘Who am I?’. The aim was to explore the ‘Superpowers’ within yourself and how these 'powers' help in the creation of a project.
The second part of the project was rather a difficult and mind-boggling one. ‘Creating a service design model for people around Euthanasia'. This step required a lot of research and checking on ‘Emotional’ and ‘Ethical’ aspect of design. I asked myself ‘What can we give to people who have already decided to leave everything behind?’. With a lot of brainstorming I came up with a service design proposal for people to and fulfil and cherish some last moments with the family members. It is all about People, Places and Experiences.
The third part of the project is the ‘Reflection’ on oneself.
The whole week deals with the fact that how we as designers are always taught to design products that improve our lives, but this week gave a new perspective on how can we actually improve the experience of death.

The medium of presenting was through ‘comic strips’ if you think is quite bizarre because we are talking about death through a medium which typical shouts ‘happy’ but during the session with wonderful Mel Gibson on comics gave some new insights on how we can talk about a serious issue with this medium.