James Appiah-Bannerman, Abeysiriwardhana Wijesinghe, Jithmi Pramasha, Gonzales Garcia, Lina Paola - Integrated Design Semesterprojekt

Culture Inspired Fashion

Winter Semester 2020/21


Prof. Petra Müller-Csernetzky

This action research project presents culture inspired fashion design. Knowledge was taken from one of our group member’s brand. The project argues that with the identified knowledge, designers can learn and develop that skill. Creating awareness and also informing them that they can play a critical role in articulating and amplifying culture inspired fashion. It is widely observed that the society we live in today has gradually neglected culture in clothing. The ever-increasing importance of culture calls for a shift in fashion design which introduces a topical issue;

 “A challenge in learning to embrace culture is that most people don’t realize and see the essence of their culture in fashion Design” 

Analysing the knowledge from the interviews, we realized that after a series of iterations, participation of designers and prototypes conducted, people don’t know much about culture and its components. A new prototype approach was engaged: “#Insta challenge/ project your culture”. Structured materials that contain educational information about culture were provided to the participants to enlighten their thoughts on culture and what it entails. The observation after this activity was a success to an extent, in the sense that designers could now understand culture, its key components and its positive effect on fashion design.

The project seeks to address learning through processes, understanding, educating, awareness and impacting practical and theoretical knowledge by iterating prototypes. It inspires designers to carry their identity in their line of work, consumers connect with their cultural identity and the knowledge of multicultural similarities and its common characteristics.