Luciano Quinones - Integrated Design Semesterprojekt

Parametric Bench

Winter Semester 2020/21

Elective Form Workshop


After extensive research on the range of flexibility of the human spine,
Prototype 01 for Parametric Bench was born. It consists of a sequence of
plywood ribs in the X-axis. It’s been designed parametrically in Grasshopper, this allows the user to control variables like:

_X, Y & Z dimensions (corresponding to the number of seats, the surface of
seating area, and height excluding the backrest of the bench)
_Height & form on the backrest
_Number of ribs depending on their distance between one another
_Material thickness of ribs
_Angles of min and max spine flexo-extension

The Parametric Bench is designed for CNC Router, so the material can vary
depending on the user’s necessity or taste. Materials may vary from plywood to solid wood or others. It’s easy to assemble based on a mechanism of inserts, the Grasshopper formula varies depending on the type and thickness of the material.

The angles from the backrest can vary with a maximum corresponding to the extension of the human spine.

The possibilities are infinite and can be modified depending on the number of people to be seated and the level of comfort desired.