Jerin Puthenveettil Reji, Mrika Govori, Paul Raju Chemmannoor - Biomedical Engineering Semesterprojekt

Evaluation of Azure Kinect DK and comparison with Kinect V2

This project aims at assessing the new Azure Kinect sensing device by providing a benchmark study with a laser scanner and a comparison to an older Kinect V2 system.

This work shows a depth, infrared data and pixel resolution comparison between Azure Kinect and Kinect V2 laser scanners using RGB and infrared camera. The comparison is made using a planar board with square shape. Accuracy and precision tests are done for different ranges between each sensor and the planar board. The evaluation was performed at a range of 1.0 to 5.0 m with 0.5 m intervals. Besides this, two applications were created to test Azure Kinect in order to navigate with a cursor using hand tracking and estimate the joint angle of the user.

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