Projekt Playground, 2018

Playground Matters, Haiti 2018

Project Details

  • Background

    In conjunction to the main „Haiti Project“ the cooperation partner received funds allocated specifically to improve the outdoor infrastructure for the orphanage and school, with emphasize on areas for sport activities and a playground. Students of “DIA – Master Architecture” took on this task and developed design proposals as well as implementation strategies within a 2-semester project. The proposals were realized with a team of 5 persons on-site for four weeks in 2018.

    After the initial planning phase of an overall masterplan for playground and sports facilities in summer semester 2017, the decision was made by the cooperation partners to focus financially on building a concrete platform for various sport activities and pre-fabricated sports equipment. In the wake of that decision proposals for additional ideas, geared towards offering inclusive options for all ages and genders, had to be shifted to answer to a low-to-no-budget. By investigating design solutions that could be realized by re-using (“upcycling”) locally available materials and rethinking the building processes to techniques that do not require costly equipment or overly specific skills the students came up with a catalogue of DIY-proposals.

    In preparation of the on-site visit it became clear that only a small group could spent a rather short time on site in Haiti, meaning efforts had to be focused on how to initiate a process rather than completing the designed structures. Proposals were tested in advance to know how to work with the materials and techniques involved, and a “Technique Manual” was created to help communicating the ideas.

    booklet “workbook_all”:

    What appeared as a series of constraints made the group of students enhance their flexibility in designing, and sharpened the understanding "sustainability" in context and "participatory design" - how can the “users” get involved in all phases, specifically how the children and teenagers of both the school and the orphanage can be part of designing and the construction processes taking place on their grounds? While on-site informal introductions were conducted according to individual motivation and abilities, local resources and partner organisations for re-usable material (tires, plastic bottles, etc.) gained. Through the constant testing and communication processes, workshops and building experiments in different scales, and sourcing local materials connections to kids and teens of all ages and genders were quickly made.
    Their curiosity, plus a huge interest by school teachers to integrate discussions on waste and re-usability into their curriculum brought the project to life.

    booklet “Report:

  • Fact Sheet


    Designing and realizing playground facilities, based on upcycling local materials and using DIY-techniques suitable for all ages


    Planning:    10 month  (03/2017 – 01/2018)
    Realization:   1 month  (02 – 03/2018)


    The amount originally allocated towards play and sports areas was 10.000,-€. The actual amount spent for the "Playground Matters"- project was in the end:

    ca. 500,- €     material, tools, and their transportation, plus
    ca.   85,-€      booklets (40x)

    The costs for flights and accommodation for the team on site were funded by Anhalt University / Leonardo-Program (EU). The group of students was hosted by the project partner FMCS on site.

    See details included in

    booklet “Report:



    Study Program: DIA - Master Architecture
    Participants Planning:     19 Students
    Participants Realization:     4 Students

    Initiation and supervision:     Dipl. -Ing. Beeke Bartelt  

    In cooperation with

    Haiti-Not-Hilfe e.V., Germany (NGO),
    FMCS – “Fondation Make Children Smile” and IMO
    – “Institution Mixte des Oranges” School, Jacmel / HaitiMaterial Mafia, Berlin
    Olive Tree Project, Jacmel / Haiti
    Jacmel Tires Inc., Jacmel / Haiti

  • Team

    Antoaneta Ivanova, Aza Sarhang, Borna Zeljko, Chng Chin Wei, Dylan Deguzman, Goh Chin Zhi, Koay Chiang Teik, Oded Gershuny, Prana Shrestha, Rami Ali, Reety Lachhman, Rumi Singh Maharjan, Daryl Venpin, Dikchya Pandey, Peko Galeski, Polina Moskalenko, Rajni Singh, Shermayn Lee Xiao Hui, Nurani Pertiwi

    Team On-Site:

    Dylan Deguzman, Reety Lachhman, Prana Shrestha, Rumi Singh Maharjan, Beeke Bartelt



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