Learning environment

At our MBA International Trade program, we strongly believe in a multi-pronged approach to learning that allows for a deep transformational convergence of educational experiences to occur. 


Our program utilizes a diverse background of professors, guest lecturers, and academic symposiums to immerse and challenge our students with core academic concepts within the business field. Furthermore, we accentuate our student’s business acumen through innovative methods such as e-learning and interactive tools. Through these processes, one will be thoroughly engaged and learn more efficiently.


A core tenant of our methodology is bridging the theoretical to the real world. We do so by partnering with various corporations to help analyze and solve any business issues they are currently facing. This means that you will utilize almost every concept, framework, and analytical tool for each corporate project that you will be working on. By leading every project, you will learn valuable business concepts as you solve real case business challenges.


An invaluable aspect of our program is the ability to bring together people from all around the world to offer various enriching perspectives. Upon enrolling into our program, we expect you to exchange ideas, offer and seek insight, and be an active participant with a community of learners.