Future Innovatoin Talents 4 Ukraine- Scholarships for Ukrainian Refugees

Well-prepared for the Future of Ukraine

The "Future Innovation Talents 4 Ukraine" (FIT4Ukraine)-project uses an efficient scholarship system to enable Ukrainian students with a refugee background to focus on their studies in Germany. Sustainable study financing and a series of measures accompanying the studies contribute to effective integration at the place of study. Above all, the degree obtained should also prepare them for a return to Ukraine in order to actively contribute to shaping the future of reconstruction.

scholarship 931 € / month (01.04.23 -31.12.2024)
Scholarships are awarded to: 2 doctoral students, 5 Master's students, 5 Bachelor's students
Culture & Connection: Cultural and networking events with German and other international students, as well as intercultural workshops and events. This includes civic incidents and awareness training, as well as German language events and country evenings to strengthen the orientation skills of the programme participants.
For returnees in the double master's degrees, sur-place scholarships are provided to ensure a successful graduation in the home country.

The scholarship holders are selected via digital idea competitions. After a commission consisting of German and Ukrainian academics as well as administrative staff and student representatives have selected the applicants, the scholarship holders are informed and accepted into the project.