Leisure time

Experience Köthen

Köthen offers a surprising variety of free time activities as a way to escape everyday student life. This enables our students to easily make new friendships, get to know their surroundings better, and simply make life more fun.

Where can you go today?

Recommendations and ideas for free time in Köthen

Studentenklub e.V.

Currently the club has around 30 members that work in the 5 working groups: band, photo club, university radio, Mensa Cellar, and VT club.

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Mensa Cellar

The history of the Mensa Cellar started in July 2003 and has since become a popular meeting place. The philosophy is “from students for students.”

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VT club

Escaping routine student life for a few hours, just chilling out in the evening, or discussing recent exams - no matter what the topics are, you will definitely be able to find cool drinks to enjoy.

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“ISC” Student Club

From readings to exhibitions, from game nights to discos, the International Student Club (ISC) provides students with plenty of opportunities for intercultural encounters.

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University Sports

University Sports offers students and all other University members at our various locations an extensive sports program. The focus is on providing a balance to daily studies and work.

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Restaurants in Köthen

Enjoy with all your senses, in this case especially the culinary impressions. A wide variety of restaurants offer delicious food for all budgets.

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Köthen clubs

Many young adults are members in clubs because it enables them to get involved with those who are interested in the same things. It’s also a great chance to get to know a couple of “native” Kötheners.

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Movie theater “Cine-Circus”

Here you can find the theater program, the current showing times, and all additional information about the Cine Circus in Köthen. Maybe the next film will give you inspiration for your ongoing projects?

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Relaxed atmosphere with a loving attention to detail, modern technology, and fluorescent lanes invite visitors to have a fun evening bowling.