Admission and Enrollment

Have you received a letter of admission to your desired degree program at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences?


To check your applicant status, log in to the SSC Applicant Portal with your personal access data.

The processing of your application is completed when the status "Admission offered"/"Admission currently impossible" is displayed. You can then download the notification of admission/rejection for your study program as a PDF document and begin online enrollment.

Notice! It is necessary to download the English and the German language document because just the German one is legally binding. To access the German approval document, please change the portal language (top right).

Notice! The approval document contains your personal applicant number. You will need this number to pay your semester fee.

Important note! Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers online application and enrollment without submitting hardcopies of documents. Please do not send any hardcopies of application documents (no paper documents).


To enroll, please log in to your personal area in the SSC Applicant Portal. To accept the admission offer, please click on "Request for enrollment" and complete the online enrollment according to the steps indicated. Subsequently, the "Application for Enrollment" will be generated automatically. Please sign and upload this application together with all required documents to the SSC Applicant Portal. Transfer the semester fee in the amount indicated to the corresponding account (cf. Semester fee).


Documents for enrollment:

  • Signed enrollment request (generated automatically)
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Passport-sized photo (NOT copy of ID) - size 35x45, 300 dpi


Note on health insurance! Statutorily insured persons should upload the original insurance certificate, which you will receive from your health insurance company. Privately insured persons please upload a certificate of insurance, which also confirms that they are exempt from compulsory insurance.

Please note the deadline for enrollment:

Enrollment period for the winter semester: 15 Jul until 30 Sept
Enrollment period for the summer semester: 15 Jan until 31 Mar


Enrollment will only be processed during the specified periods. If you have previously uploaded the necessary documents and paid the semester fees, the process will be suspended until the enrollment periods listed above.

Once all of your documents have been received and your payment has been credited to the university's account, you will be enrolled. Your certificate of enrollment and student ID (Immatrikulationsbescheinigung / Studentenausweis) is available for download in the SSC portal.

Notice! Please note that the upload of the complete enrollment documents as well as the receipt of payment of the semester fees on Anhalt University´s bank account must be completed by the end of the enrollment period at the latest.

Pay semester fee

All students must pay the semester fee. If you do not pay the semester fee on time, you cannot be enrolled. The respective payment information is also provided on the "Application for Enrollment". You can find more information here.


Please transfer the total amount to the following account:

Recipient: Hochschule Anhalt
Bank: Deutsche Bundesbank
IBAN: DE35 8100 0000 0081 0015 39
Reference (Verwendungszweck): applicant number, family name, first name

eg. reference (Verwendungszweck): "12345, Schmidt, Marie"


The receipt of payment of the semester fees on Anhalt University´s bank account must be completed by the end of the enrollment period at the latest.

Please take note of the processing time and any fees assessed by your bank if you are transferring money from abroad!

Should you not be able to start your studies, a refund of the semester fees is possible. Please contact the responsible enrollment office in this regard within one month of the start of the semester.

Note on secondary tuition fee! If you have already graduated with a Bachelor's or Master's degree in Germany, a fee of 250 EUR per semester will be charged for studying for a second degree at the same level.

Health insurance

Health insurance is compulsory in Germany. Therefore, you must take out health insurance for your stay in Germany. If your current situation does not allow you to enter the country at the beginning of the semester, please upload the completed and signed "Declaration on Health Insurance" instead of the health insurance certificate during online enrollment.

"Declaration on Health Insurance"

If you enter Germany during the semester (01.10.2021-31.03.2022), the health insurance company may charge you an additional payment for the entire semester (approx.600 €).

Entry into Germany

International students are requested to inform the International Office of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences about their planned entry into Germany. Please use this contact form for this purpose. If you have additional questions about entering Germany, please contact the International Office at For questions regarding application or enrollment, the Student Service Center can help: