Preparations for your stay abroad!

Freemover Outgoing

choosing a host university freely:


  • Freemover Outgoing - Explained!

    Freemovers are students who organize and finance their study stay abroad themselves. The stay abroad is not covered by a cooperation agreement between the two universities. This is true for all universities that are not a partner university of HS-Anhalt.

    All students can apply as a freemover at a foreign university of their choice. Early preparation and contact is important for the organization - around twelve months before the desired start of the stay. Make sure that you meet all application/registration deadlines at the university of your choice!

    A good starting point is the "academic calender" of the host university. You can also browse the website of your desired university for the term "free mover" or "freemover".

  • Benefits
    • free choice of a host university abroad
      • free choice of the period of stay
  • Extra effort

    independent organization of the stay:

    • selecting the host university of your choice
    • contacting the host university
    • preparing and submitting application documents
    • searching for accommodation
    • independent financing of the stay (may involve tuition fees!)

    You can also apply for scholarships as a freemover !

  • Registration

    All study stays abroad are recorded in the database of the International Office for statistical purposes. Please register your free mover mobility by email to:

    • your matriculation number
    • host university of choice
    • planned period of stay
  • Freemover financing

Before Mobility

Everything you need to know before you start your application and the procedures and ToDo's before the mobility.

  • Selecting destination country and host university

    If you want to participate in the ERASMUS program, you first have to check what partnerships are available at your department and which universities you can go to. You can obtain this information from the partner database linked here.

  • Erasmus+ online application

    You apply using our online application form for up to 2 desired host universities and at the same time for the scholarship.

    The deadlines for applications are:

    • February 28th for the coming winter semester of the same year.
    • August 31th for the coming summer semester of the following year.  

    Data protection notice
    The application documents submitted by you are used exclusively for the selection process and administration of the exchange programs as well as for nomination at the host university.

    All ERASMUS students are nominated at the host universities by the HSA's International Office after they have registered with our online application form. We will not do this immediately after you submt your application for studying abroad. Nominations for the winter semester take place between February and March or between September and October for the summer semester of the following year.

  • Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

    Online Learning Agreement (OLA)

    You received the information about creating the OLA from me after the nomination. Contrary to the information in my how-toy video, you create the OLA yourself. Please log in with the HS-Anhalt access data at  (the HSA login window appears - MyAcademicID) Please do not register with gmail or similar, but only with the HSA access data!

    • After clicking on "Create new" please select "Semester Mobility"
    • The remaining steps are explained in the following video:


    • If you cannot find the correct partner university in the list, please send me a short message
    • After entering the correct university, please double-check the Erasmus code (see my first email after nomination)

    for "OLA Step 2": 

    • “Sending Responsible Person” for your degree program is: Your study coordinator ("Studienfachberater") (she/he signs your OLA), exception FB4: this is Mr. Pollmeier for all FB4 degree programs!
    • "Sending Administrative Contact Person" : Christian Lippold,, +49 3496 67 5115

    for "OLA Step 3":

    • Please have the partner university confirm “Receiving Responsible Person” ! She/he will sign your OLA on the part of the partner university.
    • "Receiving Administrative Contact Person" : please have the partner university confirm! (mostly the International Office)

    In case you get stuck in OLA Step 3 and the OLA portal displays the message: "The Higher Education Institution you selected is not ready to exchange the Online Learning Agreement via Erasmus Without Paper Network as of yet.", please contact the International OfficeO of HS Anhalt.

  • Online Language Support (OLS)

    Tutorial: How to access a language course (pdf)

    The promotion of language competence and language acquisition is an important goal of the Erasmus + program. As part of their stay abroad, Erasmus+ participants are supported in acquiring and deepening their working and / or national language, for which the European Commission provides the Online Language Support (OLS) platform.

    The online language support system (OLS) includes both a language assessment (before mobility) and a language course (at any time, including during mobility). OLS is available for 28 official languages ​​of the European Union:

    Bulgarian (BG), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), German (DE), Estonian (ET), Greek (EL), English (EN), Spanish (ES), French (FR), Gaelic (GA), Croatian (HR), Icelandic (IS), Italian (IT), Latvian (LV), Lithuanian (LT), Hungarian (HU), Macedonian (MK), Maltese (MT), Dutch (NL), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Romanian (RO), Slovakian (SK), Slovene (SL), Finnish (FI), Swedish (SV), Turkish (TR).

    Registration and Login:

  • Health Insurance coverage abroad:

    you have a statutory health insurance? (AOK, Barmer, DAK, TK, Novitas, KKH, etc)

    Statutory health insurance covers your stay in other European countries, you only have to continue paying the monthly fee. Please note that special health services (IGEL services) for which additional fees are charged in Germany also cost extra abroad. However, basic healthcare services are usually free and billed directly between European countries. This includes e.g. general physician, gynaecology, emergencies in hospital, dentist, etc. The statutory insurance card (EHIC: European Health Insurance Card" also works in other European countries. Please don't forget to put it in your travel documents! 

    you have a private insurance? (fintiba / care concept / dr. walter, etc.)

    Please contact your Private health insurance and ask whether study visits in EU/non-EU countries are also insured. A confirmation of insurance should be in English, cover the exact period of stay and explicitly include the keyword "study abroad". A simple travel insurance abroad is usually NOT sufficient for enrolment abroad! 

    optional: accident insurance & private liability insurance:

    In both cases you can take out additional accident and personal liability insurance, but this is not compulsory. If you want to be on the safe side, please take a look at the DAAD student insurance for studying abroad, which covers accident and personal liability (38€ / month): Attention: This offer is only an additional insurance and does not replace your statutory health insurance!

  • Time to go abroad! / Checklist!

    This ERASMUS + checklist will help you to plan, prepare and complete your stay abroad.

    While you are waiting for the final approval from the partner university, you should already start to take care of visa, accommodation and insurance. For international insurance, you should compare different insurance offers. Health insurance is compulsory for study visits. Accident- and personal liability insurance are also recommended.

    The German Academic Exchange Service eV (DAAD) also offers insurance solutions for students, interns and scientists in cooperation with partners. We recommend to check whether the combined insurance solutions offered here (e.g. health, accident and personal liability) are suitable for you.

During mobility

Everything you need to know and do while your are abroad.

  • Erasmus+ App

    The Erasmus+ app: your travel guide for your stay abroad!

    The E+ app accompanies you before, during and after your stay abroad with useful information and functions:

    • Checklists that guide you through the most important milestones
    • Push notifications with important information from home and host universities
    • Updates to the status of the Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
    • Useful tips from other Erasmus+ participants and the opportunity to share your own content
    • Information on relevant events from local ESN organizations
    • A news feed and local events and activities
    • Connection to Online Linguistic Support (OLS)
    • Information on further Erasmus+ program activities 

    You can find more information and download the app here:

    "The Erasmus+ App is a one-stop-shop for learners that will place the mobility experience abroad at the fingertips of young people. It is intended to simplify the mobility process, to make it more accessible for every user while promoting innovation and digitalization in the long run. Users of the app will be provided information on the Erasmus + Program opportunities for individuals and offered guidance throughout their mobility journey- from the application phase (with integrated application tools) to their return home."

  • Changes to Learning Agreement

    Additional information

    The following instructions are only relevant if you need to change/adapt the modules from the original Learning Agreement.

    You have two options for this:

    1. Via
    2. Via PDF - only if your OLA was not completed via the above URL - please contact Christian Lippold

    Option 1:

    To do this, you have to log into the OLA portal and click on the "New Learning Agreement with Changes" button. Then select the originally signed LA and follow the process.

    • Replace/delete module: Click on an existing module and select “delete” + “reason” .
    • Add module: Click on "add" and select a reason for the change

    Signatures are added through OLA in the same way as with the original OLA!

    Option 2:

    You will receive the form from Christian Lippold. You only need table C.

    1st line: Write down the module to be deleted and activate the "delete" check box at the end of the line and give a reason.

    2nd line: Write down the new module to replace the module from the 1st line and click on "add"  at the end of the row and give a reason.

    >> same procedure for every module that has to be replaced/added/deleted!

    When you are ready, please send it to the person in charge at our university (who signed the original learning agreement). Finally, the International / Exchange Office of the partner university signs.

    Please send me the fully signed document as a PDF (scan, via e-mail!)

  • Confirmation of Stay

    Transfer of the second scholarship rate and confirmation of the stay abroad:

    Please head to the International Office of your host university in the last week of your exchange semester and have the attached form (COA, ___ draft.pdf) filled out.

    The second grant installment (20%) will only be transferred after you have sent us your signed confirmation of attendance (COA).

    • Please add any time periods for switching to online lessons. 
    • We assume that you were in the host country at the beginning of the semester, and that you have attended and completed the class there either online or in person (physical classes). 

    The COA serves to confirm your stay in the host country.

After Mobility

  • Survey on Erasmus (EU Online Survey)

    Before completing the survey, please read the information from page 4. (Erasmus + FAQ.pdf) You will receive the link to the survey on the last day of the date specified in the Grant Agreement from:

    Please also check your spam folder!

  • Grade transfer and ECTS recognition

    To start the recognition process you need

    • your Online Learning Agreement (OLA)
    • Changes to Learning Agreement
    • Transcript of Records (ToR) of the host university which will be issued by the host university after you have completed all (may take up to 5 weeks)


    • I need a copy of the TOR for your records!

    You apply for recognition of academic achievements using the form ("Application for credit transfer") This which can be downloaded here:  

    Instructions for filling in:

    • The tables for converting grades into the German grading system are available from the responsible examination office
    • ”name of the degree program course/module taken” please enter according to your ToR

    • Credits: as written in the ToR of the host university
    • Note/grade: local grade according to host University
    • Submit the completed form+LA+ToR to your study coordinator
    • Your study coordinator will confirm the modules and grades with a signature…
    •  … and will then forward the documents to the examinations committee
    • After confirmation by the examination board, the grades are entered in the HISQIS by the examination office
    • The recognized grades will be listed in your HIS performance overview with an (A) for “Abroad” (Actually it means "Anerkannt" - which is German for "recognized"


  • Experience Report

    You have studied abroad during your studies at the university and gained valuable experience there. These experiences can help other HS-Anhalt students to prepare for the semester abroad or to decide on a specific destination country.

    Please write a short experience report, which can be published on our website:

    There you will also find a word template that you can use for this. The scope and design of the report are entirely up to you - the template is only intended as a guide. Pictures and videos are welcome!