Help and Counseling

Counseling Services

  • After-hours Number - International Office

    In urgent cases outside the regular opening hours as well as in case of emergency during the weekend, you may reach the International Office on the following telephone number:


    0152 0206 1127

  • Social Counseling

    The financial situation of many students is difficult. Sometimes it is so serious that the question of dropping out of studies arises. To ensure this does not happen, there are the social counseling services. As a place to go, they help students with problems and difficulties of practical, social or financial nature. In social counseling we try to find individual answers to your problems. We also offer international students comprehensive and broad advice on topics such as

    • Job and Social insurance
    • Funding opportunities
    • Services and benefits during studies
    • Health insurance
    • Studying with child
    • Study with handicap
    • Integration aid for international students

    The social counseling offers advice and support in conflict situations and all other social issues around your stay und studies

    In addition, the social counseling also awards financial aid, free meals, books and learning aid.


    Contact Social Counsulting

    Fasanerieallee 1, Mensa 1.OG

    06366 Köthen (Anhalt)

    Tel: + 49 345 6847520

    Tel (off the opening hours): +49 0345 6847523

    Email: sozialberatung(at)

    Opening Hours:

    Thursday: 13:00-15:00

    Here you can find further Contact information and opening hours.

  • Psychological Counseling

    Psychological counseling can give you relief and distance to a deadlocked situation. It gives you the freedom to search for new opportunities. In conversaton, new perspectives often emerge. They open up access to your own strengths and competences, which are often completely or partially buried.

    Contact the psychological counseling for the following issues:

    • Learning difficulties
    • Test anxiety, speech anxiety
    • Change of study field
    • Dropout
    • Writing difficulties
    • Contact problems
    • Fears and depression
    • Partnership problems
    • Self-esteem problems


    Psychological counseling consultants in Bernburg, Köthen and Dessau provide you with a high degree of confidentiality in coping with problems. You determine the number of counseling sessions. You also decide whether a referral to suitable professionals should take place.

    The counseling is free for all students of Anhalt University.


    Contact Psychosocial Consulting


    Dr. Elke Eckhardt

    Kurhaus Bernburg (1st Floor)

    Solbadstraße 2

    06406 Bernburg (Saale)

    phone: +49 3471 3556404

    (appointment via phone)



    Michaela Böttcher

    Seminarplatz 2a (Mensa, room 203)

    06846 Dessau-Roßlau

    opening hours: wednesday 2:00-4:00 pm

    phone: +49 340 51975217




    Markus Jürisch

    Fasanerieallee 1a (Mensa, 2nd Floor)

    06366 Köthen (Anhalt)

    opening hours: monday 4:00-6:00 pm

    phone: +49 3496 554848




    Here you can find further contact information and opening hours.


    In case of acute mental crisis please contact:

    Sozialpsychiatrischer Dienst (Social Psychiatric Service)

  • Legal Counseling

    The Studentenwerk Halle offers legal advice to all students.

    The lawyer Gabriele Huber-Schabel from Halle is available to you every first and third Monday of the month from 16:00 till 18:00 and by appointment.

    The first consultation hour is free for students of Anhalt University. Additional hours are chargeable.


    Contact Legal Advice

    Mrs. Gabriele Huber-Schabel

    Mansfelder Straße 13

    06108 Halle/Saale

    Tel: +49 345 502320

    Opening Hours:

    1. and 3. Monday of the month: 16:00-18:00