Internships abroad

Internships in Europe

Internships in all european countries, as well as Norway, Macedonia and Turkey, can be funded through ERASMUS+. Further information on this can be found at our partner, the for ERASMUS TRAINEESHIPS SAXONY-ANHALT (Magdeburg)

Scholarship rates for Erasmus+ internshipThe calculation of the scholarships is based on daily rates. A month includes 30 daily rates (no matter how many days it has). The daily rates differ depending on the country group (CG):

Country group 1: Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom
Country group 2: Belgium, France, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus
Country group 3: Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, North Macedonia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Turkey, Hungary

Scholarship rates:

  • CG 1: 20€ / day; 600.00 / month
  • CG 2: 18€ / day; 540.00 / month
  • CG 3: 16€ / day; 490.00 / month

All relevant information for international students are explained here:

Here is the link to the pre-application documents (if you are not sure where you want to do your internship OR “no internship offer”: 

Full application documents (if you already have an Internship offer) here: 

Basically, you can choose any company in the EU and receive Erasmus funding for it. Deadline for application: minimum 4 weeks before the internship is supposed to begin!

Eligibility criteria: Full time student of Anhalt University and a valid study certificate ("Studienbescheinigung").

non-EU internships

Internships outside of the EU can be funded by PROMOS. (Funding available via Hochschule Anhalt) or Erasmus+ worldwide (Funding available via Leonardo Office Magdeburg).

other funding options

Aims to give students the opportunity to go abroad as part of Erasmus+ Student Mobility - Internships Abroad (SMP) and to give them easier access to companies across Europe. On the one hand, students can create profiles and thus offer their respective key competencies as Erasmus+ interns. On the other hand, organizations or companies can create a profile and offer internships in their company. The placement of an internship is simplified on the basis of various search criteria (such as destination country, subject of study, length of stay or desired language skills). Students and companies can get in direct contact with each other if they are interested.


AIESEC is the largest international student organization. More than 86,000 students are currently volunteering in 113 countries. The main concern is the intercultural exchange, which is realized through international internship programmes. In addition, the organization provides a platform through which committed students can discover their potential, especially in the areas of teamwork, team management and intercultural skills, and develop them in a variety of ways. The next AIESEC local committee is located in Halle. Companies and students from southern Saxony-Anhalt can also enjoy intercultural exchange with AIESEC. Students from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences are welcome.


(International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience)

The IAESTE is an international association of NGOs, ministries and companies in over 80 countries that organizes internships abroad for students in technical, natural, agricultural and forestry fields of study. In addition to arranging internships, IAESTE also supports its interns with immigration formalities and organizes accommodation and a leisure program in the host country. Generally, the internship companies pay a salary that covers the living costs of a decent student life in the respective country. In Germany, IAESTE is operated by the DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service, and is represented in student local committees at many universities. There is also a local committee on the Köthen campus.