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Have questions about your career planning? Contact us.

Sometimes it's not easy to take the first step, to find the right introduction for your dream job application or to overcome the fear of tricky questions in job interviews (as you can see in our film).

The career service supports you in your career planning.

We advise you in person, by telephone and by e-mail on questions concerning your career orientation and application process. Depending on the nature and scope of your concern, the following options are available for contacting us.

If you would like an individual personal counselling appointment, then look for an available slot in the career portal ANHALTspunkt.Karriere.
Simply log in to the portal and click on "Appointments", then you can select a free appointment.
If you do not have an account on Anhaltspunkt.KARRIERE, you can set one up within three minutes and upload your CV.

Time: available slots always online at ANHALTspunkt.Karriere

Locations: Bernburg | Dessau | Köthen


One focus of our advisory work is on optimising your application documents. We show you what you should pay attention to when writing your cover letter and CV and give you tips on the overall appearance.

Some questions, especially those with short notice, can possibly already be clarified by e-mail or telephone.

To do so, send us an e-mail to


or call us at

Phone +49 3496 67 1912

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Campus Köthen

Bernburger Straße 55
Geb. 08 - Graues Gebäude
1. Obergeschoss Raum 202

Any time by arrangement




Campus Bernburg

Strenzfelder Allee,
Gebäude 17 - Raum neben dem Hörsaal

Any time by arrangement

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Campus Dessau

Mensa (Geb. M), R. 203

Any time by arrangement

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Counselling offered by other institutions

  • Further offers of the Anhalt University of Applied

    Central Student Advising Service

    The Central Student Advising Service has the task of advising prospective students, enrolled students, and others interested in the University about the degree program contents, tasks, and requirements.

    Psychological Counselling for Students

    Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, maybe because studies are overwhelming, because relationships are causing problems, or because of stress or anxiety. In its health management system, Anhalt University offers its students a safe space for working through these and other problems confidentially.

  • Offers from external suppliers

    Agentur für Arbeit - Academic professions

    Job placement for academics

    Your concerns will be discussed in a counselling interview. It can be about these points:

    • Your career development and goal setting,
    • job search, application and interview
    • our support options.

    All interviews must be scheduled in advance to ensure optimal preparation on both sides. This is how you get in touch with the counsellors at the Employment Agency:

    • Online at www.arbeitsagentur.de "eServices
    • By telephone on the toll-free service number 0800 4 555500
    • In person at the employment agency's own location in Bitterfeld, Dessau-Roßlau, Köthen, Lutherstadt Wittenberg and Zerbst
    • By e-mail via Dessau-Roßlau-Wittenberg.151-U25@arbeitsagentur.de

    Further information at: www.arbeitsagentur.de

    Event database

    In addition, the Employment Agency's employer service offers regular applicant days and job fairs with regional companies.

    Find events near you at: www.arbeitsagentur.de/veranstaltungen


    ZAV - Central Placement Services for Professionals and Foreigners of the Federal Employment Agency

    The ZAV bundles the international services of the Federal Employment Agency. Here you will receive information and advice on the topics of training, studying and working abroad.

    The ZAV Info Centre can be reached from the German fixed-line network by calling 0228 - 713 13 13. The hotline team will answer your questions, send you information material or put you in touch with a personal contact person at the International Placement Services of the ZAV for further advice.

    Online, you can get initial information on training, studies, jobs, internships and working abroad at www.zav.de.


    Central Placement Office

    Hohepfortestr. 37

    39104 Magdeburg

Career Service Events

The career service workshops with a focus on acquiring additional qualifications during studies and support for starting a career are always free of charge. Registration is required in advance of the event. We place great value on your feedback. That is why we regularly evaluate our events and ask you to help us by filling out our questionnaire at the end of the events. Upon request, we will also send you a confirmation of participation for selected events.