The DAAD-Award is an award of the German Acadamic Exchange Service (DAAD) for international students at german universities.

The award is meant to honor international students graduating in germany who distinguish themselves with excellent academic efforts and social or intercultural engagement.

The DAAD-Award is endowed with 1000 Euro and contributes to the positive awareness of the international students at Anhalt University.

As the funder, the DAAD defines the award criterias which must be considered by the awarding university


Important informations about nomination and awarding at Anhalt University can be found here:

DAAD-Award: Guidelines at Anhalt University.

Mr. Amer Goli from Iran is studying computer science at the Köthen site. In addition to his excellent academic achievements, Mr. Goli is a volunteer in several projects at the university, including his hard work in the mentoring and language guide programs. With his very good language skills in Farsi, Sorani, English and German, he supports the lasting communication between the university and the urban community and serves as a role model for many of his fellow students.


DAAD Award Winner Anhalt University

Ms. Maryam Esmaeilzadeh Mehmandoust from Iran studied Landscape Architecture in Bernburg.

Since the beginning of her studies she got involved in various projects at Anhalt University like the Buddy Program or the project "Students & Refugees". At the same time she volunteered for hospitalised geriatric care at the care centre "Krumbholzblick".

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DAAD Award Winner Anhalt University

Mr. Haidara Al-Mansour from Syria studied Master of Biomedical Engeneering in Köthen. He got involved at the "Buddy Program" at Anhalt University, spent time at local hospitals and answered questions about the war in Syria at the Ludwigsgymnasium high school in Köthen.


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DAAD Award Winner Anhalt University

Ms. Bincy Reji from India finished her studies of Food Science Technology and Nutrition, which also took place in Gent, Dublin and Porto before, with a Master´s Degree in Bernburg. She stood out with a great academic performance and her social commitment for her fellow students.


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DAAD Award Winner Anhalt University

Mr. Vincent Chukwuemeka from Nigeria studied International Architecture in Dessau. He was one of the top students of the year and got involved in the "Buddy Program".


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