Vacation semester

Leave of absence

If you are studying at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and cannot participate in your courses for a longer period of time during the semester, you can apply for a leave of absence. Even during the leave of absence you remain a member of Anhalt University and retain your student status.

Important reasons according to Sec. 12(2) of the Enrollment Regulations (ImmaO) include, for example:

  • health reasons,
  • maternity leave (pregnancy) and parental leave,
  • studying abroad,
  • completing a practical activity related to studies (that is not required in the program and exam regulations),
  • caring for a close relative,
  • voluntary military service or federal volunteer service.

For international students, only the first two are considered important reasons for a leave of absence:

  • health reasons,
  • maternity leave (pregnancy) and parental leave

Scope of leave of absence

A leave of absence is typically only possible for entire semesters and a maximum of two successive semesters. During their studies, students may not take more than 4 semesters worth of leaves of absence. It is not possible to request a retroactive leave of absence.

Request a leave of absence

The request for leave of absence must be submitted within two months of the start of the semester (30 Nov or 30 May) to Student Services. If the reason for the leave of absence only arises later, then in especially justified cases, a leave of absence may also be submitted after this deadline.

The request must always include documentation of the reason. The decision on the request is made in writing.