Vacation semester

International students at HS Anhalt may apply for a vacation semester only under exceptional circumstances. 

Exceptional circumstances - according to § 12 Abs. 2 ImmO – constitute:

  1. medical concerns, or
  2. maternity protection leave (pregnancy) and parental leave

Applications for a vacation semester have to be handed in within the first 2 months after the commencement of either summer or winter semester (30. Nov. or 30. May) at the Student Service Center (SSC). Should the reason for applying occur after the deadline has passed, please be aware that exceptions are rarely granted and generally only in cases where exceptional circumstances can be proven. Please also note that every application has to be supported with corresponding documentation. The decision as to whether permission is granted will be delivered in writing.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances will credits be issued for internships taken during vacation semesters! Partaking in lectures of the current semester is also not permitted. Repeat- or Re-examinations may however be taken.

Vacation semesters only apply to full semesters. A maximum of 2 consecutive semesters may be taken at once. In total, no more than 4 vacation semester are permitted during the entire duration of your studies. Back-dating vacation semesters is not permissible. You will remain a member of the University and retain your student status.