Become a Buddy

You want to become a Buddy?

Do you enjoy working with people?
Are you interested in other cultures?
Would you like to improve or refresh your language skills?

Then welcome to the Buddy Program! We are the right place for you! Our buddies support the international students during their start at the university.


  • What is the Buddy program?

    Anyone who has ever been abroad knows how difficult the fresh start in a foreign country can be. In order to help our international students, the International Office of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has launched the Buddy programme. Every student of our University can become a buddy and has the opportunity to get to know other cultures, improve their own language skills and make long-term friendships with interesting people from all over the world. The program is voluntary, but can be rewarded with certificates and credit points.



  • How does the participation benefit me?

    As a buddy, you simply get an exclusive insight into another culture and thus broaden your own horizons. Your English language skills have become rusty since graduation or a French exam is coming up soon? As a buddy, you can playfully improve your foreign language skills.

    Meeting nice and interesting people from all over the world is also a great bonus.

  • Do I get a certificate or credits?

    As a buddy you are volunteering. After successful participation, all buddies get a German and English language certificate, which can be very important, especially for their own applications.

    Bachelor students also have the option of receiving credit points via the "Studium Generale" module, but this must be clarified with the examination board of the respective department.

  • What are my responsibilites as a buddy?

    The buddy program takes place in small groups, each buddy takes care of one or two international students. Before the actual arrival, contact should be made to help with the arrival, the search for accommodation or the arrival at the place of study. Upon arrival, you will be with your buddy on their first steps, assisting with visits to the authorities or showing him or her important locations.

    Of course, the social component should not be neglected, have fun together, improve your language skills or travel together, the sky is the limit!

  • How much time do I need to be a buddy?

    As a buddy one is very flexible, the work depends on the personal arrangement among each other. Usually you will have to invest a little more time at the beginning, but then this decreases.

    The supervision effort can be quite different and depends on the students themselves. Many students may be afraid to go to the foreign office alone when another person needs help only at the beginning.

    As a guideline, you should plan for two to four weekly hours for the buddy work, sometimes more, sometimes less.

  • What kind of language skills do I need?

    English as a world language is spoken by predominantly all students who come to our university, so knowledge of English should be present.

    However, other languages such as Russian, French or Spanish can also be an advantage to provide assistance with important matters.

  • Will I be prepared for being a buddy?

    Of course. Training sessions are held twice a year to prepare for the tasks with short training sessions and with the help of experienced buddies. Each buddy receives a buddy guidebook for each university location. This little, indispensable booklet not only contains tips and tricks for the buddy couple, but also an official guide to the city.

    And the checklist on which you can check off the most important points? You will get it for free from us.

  • Who can help me with problems?

    For questions or problems, buddies and interested parties can contact the Buddy Coordinator at the International Office. The contact details are at the top right corner.