Preparation courses

You would like to study at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, but you do not feel sufficiently prepared? No problem! We support you in preparing for the aptitude test and/or your future studies.

Courses offered:

  • Professional w/o university entrance qualification

    Preparation course for a direct and distance-learning degree program at Anhalt University with or without a university entrance qualification

    You work as a skilled worker, master craftsman, or technician in a company in an engineering or technology field that will soon need one more more engineers, and you would like to fill one of these positions?

    You want to and can invest the necessary time in a distance-learning program in addition to your job?

    Then the preparation course is right for you.

    The preparation course is designed especially for professionals who would like to be qualified to apply for a practical, part-time, distance-learning engineering degree program at Anhalt University.  In the preparation course, prospective students without a university entrance qualification will receive targeted preparation for the assessment exam and for distance-learning degree programs.

    For interested professionals who already have a university entrance qualification such as master craftsmen, technicians, and those with an Abitur, the course is perfect for refreshing and deepening knowledge of math and physics to prepare for the challenging distance-learning program.

    The focus of the course is on math, physics, chemistry, and organizing studies.


    Objective: Obtaining a university entrance qualification by passing the assessment exam, intensive preparation for an engineering degree program

    Course requirements: Middle secondary school (Realschule) leaving certificate or upper secondary school leaving certificate (Abitur) with completed vocational training, secondary school was completed several or many years ago, two years of professional experience, master craftsman, technician, and economists with technical vocational training




    Petra Kircheis

  • Chemistry

    Offer for new students in the subjects

    Pharmaceutical Engineering, Biotechnology, Process Engineering, and Food Technology

    Preparation course in Chemistry

    For whom?

    • Your last chemistry class was a few years ago
    • You might have elected not to take upper-level chemistry in school or
    • You just need to refresh your chemistry knowledge

    The following content is taught:

    • Atomic structure and periodic table
    • Inorganic chemistry (main groups)
    • Chemical bonds
    • Stoichiometry
    • Solubility
    • Acid-base reactions
    • Redox reactions
    • Law of mass action / chemical equilibrium
    • Organic chemistry (homologous series, functional groups, important reactions)



    Tom Guba

  • Mathematics and Physics for new students