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Student Service Center

Questions on: Options for studying, conditions and requirements for studying, selecting the right degree program, progression of studies, exams, opportunities for continuing studies, student interest representation (University committees)

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Central Student Advising Service

The Central Student Advising Service has the task of advising prospective students, enrolled students, and others interested in the University about the degree program contents, tasks, and requirements.

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Degree Program Advising

Anhalt University of Applied Sciences offers various services and advising for prospective and enrolled students. You can receive comprehensive advising form the Student Service Center (SSC). Here, questions about studying and all necessary formalities throughout your entire program are answered. For specific questions about your degree program, the Degree Program Advisors provide specialized advice on the requirements for admission, the content of the degree program, and other aspects of studies.

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Service Institutions

Sports to Get Rid of Stress

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University Sports

Back balance, badminton, bowling, Pilates, or just relaxing in the sauna. On all three campuses, there is an extensive sports program.

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Pastoral Care and Psychological Counselling

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, maybe because studies are overwhelming, because relationships are causing problems, or because of stress or anxiety.

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