IDEA-East Hub

„We will redesign internationalization with our team and open up potential in application-oriented research and technology transfer in Germany and our partner countries."

Project Manager Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens

Goals and Tasks

Innovation competitions and forums, innovation training and accompanying continuing education measures will sustainably involve all target groups at the university in the internationalization process and increase the university's competitiveness. The aim is also to anchor the measures of the program in the internationalization strategy 2025-2031 and thus to transfer them sustainably into the breadth of the university. The IDEA-EAST Hub project offers the opportunity to attract future young scientists and researchers to the university and to bind strong partners to the university in order to increase competitiveness in international academic and research projects.The HSA has maintained intensive contacts in the target regions since its founding and regularly conducts student and academic exchanges. This is realized, among other things, with funds from the ERASMUS+ (KA 107), Eastern Partnerships and Study Internships (both DAAD) programs, as well as from various research funds in the areas of renewable energies, data science and IIoT.The use of digital media in innovation processes and in international collaboration is already lived, for example in language training using the Rosetta Stone platform. The digital collaboration platforms Zoom and Webex are used intensively for transnational seminars and conferences as well as for the organization of innovation competitions with Ukraine. The IDEA-East digital collaboration platform will take these to a new dimension and bundle them with other digital offerings for all partners.


Hub for internationality and innovation

Anhalt University relies on innovative applied research for important future tasks and challenges such as energy transition, climate change and digitalization. Since the beginning of the year 2022 the project "Idea East" has been promoting knowledge and technology transfer in an innovative and international way. The exchange with partners in Ukraine, Kazakhstan and North Macedonia will be significantly strengthened. The university will be strategically positioned as an important partner for the region from Southeast Europe to Asia. With the support of the Ministry of Education and Research, innovation competitions and forums as well as innovation trainings and further education measures will involve all members if the University is in the internationalization process, and it will increase our competitiveness. The Idea East Hub project also offers the opportunity to recruit new young scientists for the University and offer them a chance to stay through academic and research projects at our University. 


Digital Offers