Pastoral Care for Students


Father Alfons Averbeck  

Telephone: 0340 - 87 01 93 05
Cell phone: 0163 - 377 410 0


in Bernburg and Köthen

ÖSG - What is it?

They are groups of students who belong to various Christian churches and congregations or are interested in these churches. We meet regularly in Bernburg and Köthen for devotions, get-togethers, and activities. Anyone who is looking for community and is open for topics related to the Christian faith is welcome to join us.


Ecumenical Student Congregations (ÖSG) at Anhalt University


For Köthen:   

Pastor Wolfram Hädicke

Hallesche Straße 15a
06366 Köthen (Protestant Parish Office St.Jakob)
Tel. 03496 212371

Email: w.haedicke(at)



For Bernburg:

Pastor Sven Baier

Schloßstraße 7,
06406 Bernburg (Protestant Parish Office St.Jakob)
Tel. 3471 624925



Pastor Stefan Zeiler

Theaterstraße 5
06406 Bernburg (Catholic Parish Office)
Tel.: 03471 622116
Cell phone: 0178-78 22 00 0
Email: StefanZeiler(at)