DigiJED-2: Digital Education with Joined Efforts

Ukraine Digital: Ensuring Study Success in Times of Crisis


Within the framework of the DigiJED-2 project, didactic concepts for joint digital education in information and communication technologies were developed and their implementation started. Three modules including remote access to laboratory practice, implemented on an Anhalt University of Applied Sciences-IT platform, are to be offered to students from four partner universities in Ukraine in 2023.
Technical universities or technical faculties of universities in the heavily war-affected regions of Ukraine have been selected as the target group.
Teaching is done by lecturers from Ukraine who are already accommodated at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences or some of whom teach from Ukraine.
The special feature of this project is that not only lectures are offered as classic courses via the Zoom platform, but also the performance of laboratory experiments is to be offered via an IT platform set up specifically for this purpose for the modules offered, which significantly enhances the application-oriented education in the online format.
3rd and 4th year Bachelor's degree and 1st year Master's degree

The soft power education is a socio-economic tool. We want to equip Ukrainian students with these tools to support Ukraine in the time of military crisis.

Project Director Prof. Dr. Eduard Siemens