Integration of international students: HET LSA-program

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The main idea and intention of the project HET-LSA is to develop and implement tools to guide and support our international students concerning the arrival and integration in Germany and at the Anhalt University.

  • Who we are

    Seven Universities in Saxony-Anhalt cooperate to improve the study conditions for all students. The so called "Qualitätspakt Lehre" handles the project "Diversity as a qualitative challenge for academia: management of expertise and knowledge for higher education in an environment of demographic change" in Saxony-Anhalt. Further information about the network and accomplished work can be found here.

  • What we do

    Since september 2012 the Anhalt University develops a concept for the integration of our international students. The fostering of equal opportunities, the improvement of academic performances, the development of intercultural competences of students and teachers and the intensification of intercultural interaction are our main points of interest.

    In the last years various projects like the buddy-Programme and different "Welcome Sessions" were realised that way.

    2017 the project entered the second funding phase, in which the focus is changed to intercultural training offers for university employees, further development of the digital awarness-raising tool StudySkills and the development of supporting offers for the carrer starting phase of international alumni.

  • StudySkills for Germany

    The Anhalt University, in cooperation with the Harz University, is developing a so-called awarness-raising tool which offers potential students a first overview regarding the living and studying possibilities in Germany.

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