Bach, homeopathy, and language

The district seat Köthen (Anhalt) with its tower-studded silhouette enthralls not only tourists. It has always been a place for people who have aimed high. Music, medicine, and education have long-standing traditions here, and the campus in Köthen has an international flair.

In three departments - Computer Science and Languages (Dept. 5), Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management (Dept. 6), and Applied Biosciences and Process Engineering (Dept. 7) - around 3,500 students study and research, supervised by 55 professors. The international atmosphere is ensured by the approximately 430 international students preparing to study successfully in Germany at the state’s Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg). On campus, there are large sports facilities and an active student club. In addition, Anhalt University’s administration can be found there.

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Köthen’s graceful historical city center invites visitors to take a stroll. You can discover traces of the city’s history everywhere - in its over 900 years of existence, this is not only to be found in the impressive towers, churches, and the castle. Its people were what made Köthen famous internationally. Especially Johann Sebastian Bach, from whom Köthen has the title “City of Bach.” The composer worked as the conductor for Prince Leopold von Anhalt-Köthen. A second name is also known around the world: Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homeopathy, worked and researched in Köthen. As the global association of doctors “Liga Medicorum Homoeopathica Internationalis” moved its headquarters from Geneva to Köthen, the city is now considered the “world’s capital of homeopathy.”

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Besides music and medicine, the German language plays an important role. In Köthen, the first German school textbook publishing house was founded. In the 17th century the first language maintenance association “Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft” (Fruitful Society) was created - a German academy with many linguistic, literary, and (educational) policy ambitions. Since 2007, the “Neue Fruchtbringende Gesellschaft zu Köthen” (New Fruitful Society in Köthen) has carried on with this tradition; among other things, it presents the interesting “Erlebniswelt Sprache” in the princely castle. And there is another tradition: In 1891 the engineering and MINT degree programs of Anhalt University were already being concentrated in Köthen. Ever since, the most pressing technical and technological questions have been investigated there.

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Consistency is also characteristic of Köthen’s leisure time activities and customs - everyone enjoys celebrating here, especially during the “fifth season” of Carnival. Especially the international students are amazed at the invasion of revelers. During the Carnival parade on Carnival Monday, guests from all over Saxony-Anhalt come to have fun. Life during the rest of the year is also quite enjoyable, as the city has a much lower rate of precipitation than the rest of Germany thanks to its location in the rain shadow of the Harz mountains. It even offers a lake beach close by: A natural beach and top water quality entice visitors to the Edderitz beach, a re-cultivated space in the former lignite mining area. This modern development also follows closely with Anhalt University’s traditions - all of society benefits from a solution-oriented approach.

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Life in Köthen (Anhalt)

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Affordable housing in student residence halls and city apartments, rich cultural life, and a beautiful city center are reasons to study in Köthen (Anhalt).

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If you received a visa for Germany in your home country that permits you to stay in Germany for 90 days (3 months)...

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Study fees, housing, eating and drinking, occasionally some new clothes, and money for the next party. If you want to study successfully and don’t want to live like a caveperson, you will need to find a way to pay for everything.

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Leisure time

Especially young students enjoy finding ways to spend their free time. Here you can find a good overview of what Köthen has to offer.

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What can I find where? - Tips for getting oriented on Köthen’s campus.

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I had to work hard; those who work just as hard will be able to be just as successful.

Johann Sebastian Bach