Erasmus - Blended Intensive Programm

Erasmus Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP)

  • BIP?

    Within the framework of the new Erasmus programme generation, the European Union is funding so-called Blended Intensive Programmes (BIP) from 2021 onwards.  

    The aim is to develop short, intensive teaching activities and mobility curricula that can receive financial support through the Erasmus programme. Funding will be provided for short, physical group mobilities of 5 to 30 days duration, combined with a virtual phase of undefined duration. 

    These can be, for example, block seminars, summer schools, but also other events. The event must be followed or preceded by a virtual phase.

  • Requirements and number of participants

    The requirement for participation is at least 3 higher education institutions/universities from EU programme countries (i.e. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and at least two other higher education institutions from EU countries or countries participating in Erasmus, such as Albania, Kosovo, Norway or Turkey). 

    Minimum number of participants: 15 students and/or university staff (e.g. 5 participants from the Anhalt Universitiy and 5 participants from each of the two other universities).

  • ECTS and Funding

    At least 3 ECTS must be awarded as part of the BIP. 

    The funding for BIPs includes (as of 01.12.2020) travel allowances for participants (in accordance with EU requirements) - separated according to unit costs or daily rates for students and staff.

  • Application for the BIP's

    Applications for BIPs are submitted centrally by the International Office to the DAAD. Programme coordination is then taken over by the organiser of the BIP. 

    In order to apply for a BIP, the International Office asks for expression of interest including the title of the programme and the planned date. Please contact the International Office.

    Please note: Due to the political discussions about the EU's multi-annual financial framework, the Erasmus programme from 2021 onwards still contains many unclear points. The information on the GDP is therefore with reservation. Your expression of interest and the subsequent application to the DAAD are therefore no guarantee of actual approval or funding.