MBA Code of Conduct

Members of the MBA International Trade community are expected to follow the code of conduct and uphold the highest ethical standards to foster a fair and impartial academic environment with prejudice or reservation. 

The MBA International Trade Code of Conduct and Ethics (“Code”) aims to to educate and develop at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, ethically responsible leaders - business managers, consultants and entrepreneurs who will continue to propagate these ethical principles in their future careers in diverse business fields worldwide.

By adhering to the highest standards of academic integrity and ethical conduct, the students of the MBA International Trade develop a sense of responsibility as individuals and as a collective to proactively maintain high ethical standards and to foster an environment of honour, integrity, respect and trust within the community.

MBA International Trade students will strive to uphold the ideals and standards set in the Code by adhering to the basic principles of ethics set in the form of guidelines:

  • 1. Representations

    Each MBA International Trade student is expected to represent himself or herself authentically and conscientiously in all oral and/or written statements. The student will not misrepresent any fact to peers, faculty, staff, (prospective) employers or anyone else while representing himself or herself as member of the MBA International Trade community especially through, but not limited to:

    1. Lying to (prospective) employers, either directly through oral or written statements or indirectly through misrepresentation of background in resume;
    2. Misrepresenting any material fact on an application, financial aid form, or other official document;
    3. Lying to a fellow student, a faculty member, or an administrator in order to gain preferential treatment; or
    4. Misrepresenting the originality of one’s work, including failure to cite the contributions of another (plagiarism).
  • 2. Academic endeavours

    MBA International Trade students are expected to adhere to strict academic principles in representing their academic achievements. Students will not use  dishonest and unfair methods to gain unfair advantage over other students in academic endeavours, especially through, but not limited to:

    1. Failure to use proper citation on any academic work and thereby misrepresenting the originality of one’s work (plagiarism);
    2. Giving or receiving any unauthorised aid on an assignment or exam, including working in groups on any assignment that has been designated as individual by the instructor;
    3. Use of any unauthorised means during an exam (cheating);
    4. Failure to comply with the academic guidelines established by the instructor for assignments;
    5. Submitting for credit substantially the same work done for another assignment either academic or professional, except with prior approval of the instructor. In the absence of clear guidelines regarding an assignment, presentation, examination, or other academic submission, the student is expected to seek any and all necessary clarification from the instructor.
  • 3. Property

    MBA International Trade students are expected to respect materials, data and property of other members of the community as well as visitors to the community. Misuse, abuse or misappropriation of said materials, data and property of others, especially through, but not limited to:

    1. Accessing, removing, or destroying any information, materials, or other property of others without prior permission;
    2. Divulging or distributing proprietary or confidentially provided information obtained for class assignments; 
    3. Obtaining copyrighted lecture materials via illegal means (unsolicited, covert audio and video recording) without prior permission of the instructor;
    4. Utilising for commercial gain any material provided to the student specifically and restrictively for educational purposes without prior permission of the provider.
  • 4. Individual rights

    Each MBA International Trade student is entitled to study in an impartial and free academic environment that is free from prejudice, discrimination and harassment. All members of community are responsible in ensuring that this right of each individual is not violated.

Any complaint of violation of these policies will be referred to the appropriate body of jurisdiction in the university.  If the allegations of violation of policy have been proven, depending on the gravity and extent of the violation, the MBA International Trade student can face: 

  • fail grade (5.0) in the particular assignment, presentation, examination or academic submission
  • suspension of one semester
  • expulsion from the MBA International Trade program