With the motto “Living together - learning from each other”, we bring our Studienkolleg participants together with secondary school students from the region.

Cooperating Schools

  • Regenbogenschule

    Do you like children? Do you want to know how German primary school children live and learn?

    Then help me out when supervisors are needed at sporting events at our partner schools. Be there as projects about life in other countries are carried out in ethics or civics classes. Show the children how people write in your home country, watch how the Germans learn to read and write. Experience how German children celebrate.

    Regenbogenschule: Program 2017/18

    17 October 2017 Project hour: “Schule erleben” (Experience school)
    24 October 2017 Project hour: “Schule erleben” (Experience school)
    25 October 2017 Autumn Arts & Crafts
    9 November 2017 Primary school students’ program on the Student Day, supervision of program children in the ISC
    20 December 2017 Christmas singing event together with the Regenbogenschule
    15 January 2018 Dodgeball game
    7 March 2018 Participation in Open Door Day
    18 April 2018 Support for the Reciter Competition
    23 May 2018 Support for the Sports Festival / Dodgeball (return match)
    1 June 2018 Children’s Festival at the State Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg)                   
  • Ludwigsgymnasium

    Since July 2008, the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences has had a cooperation agreement with the Ludwigsgymnasium in Köthen. The school’s students participate in sample lectures and other events so they can get a better idea of possible future careers and what they will need to study for these professions.

    Even before the cooperation agreement was signed, the international Studienkolleg participants had many activities together with the school’s students. The students regularly come to the International Student Days, where they have a chance to get to know the world at a glance, have discussions, and gain intercultural competence. With the international program, a bit of internationality is brought to Köthen while at the same time making an important contribution to mutual understanding and tolerance, which was particularly the case in 2010, when an Indonesian saman dance was performed by the Ludwiggymnasium’s dance group and Indonesian students. Before the performance, rehearsals took place for weeks. The dancers worked hard on the choreography and had to meld together into one formation. In the following years there have been similar program points such as hip-hop and ballet (German-Russian). The Studienkolleg participants meet regularly with the Ludwiggymnasium’s dance group at the opening of Köthen’s Schlossweihnacht (Castle Christmas), at which a large parade of fairy tale figures and St. Nicholas traditionally goes through the city center.<EM/>

    To optimally use the informational offers, both groups try to attend the other group’s Open Day and events. In the context of the Ludwigsgymnasium’s European Week, in 2016 instructors from the Studienkolleg spoke on the topic of “Practical Integration”, whereby the focus was on projects and activities. There were also discussions and experiences were shared. 

  • Free School Anhalt

    Each year, students from the Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg) take part in the project week on intercultural competence at the Free School Anhalt. During this week, students from the Studienkolleg and the Free School discover together the unique aspects of their cultures.

    At the start of each project week there is a day during which the students get to know each other with interviews, by playing sports and games, and while singing and cooking. On the other project days, the students and Studienkolleg participants do research on various topics about their different home countries in small, international groups and discuss their lives and personal experiences. The results of this work are presented in the form of creative presentations, films, posters, brochures, or role-playing games in a joint exhibition.

    The goal of the project week is to get to know foreign cultures and to look at the topics of integration and tolerance according to the motto “learning by doing”. The project week contributes to developing emotional competence and intercultural sensitivity which in turn provide a basis for successful intercultural communication in future situations.

    The experiences from previous project weeks show that it is interesting both for participants in the Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg) as well as for the students of the Free School Anhalt to get to know about differences but also many similarities among their home countries through personal contact.