Universidad de Valladolid

Contact Person International Office - Christian Lippold
Student Exchange Yes
Bachelor Yes
Master Yes
  • Architecture, Facility Management and Geoinformation (FB3)
  • Agriculture, Ecotrophology, and Landscape Development (FB1)
  • Economics (FB2)
  • International Trade, Master of Business Administration (FB2)
  • Architecture, Bachelor of Arts (FB3)
  • Architecture, Master of Arts (FB3)
  • Business Studies, Bachelor of Arts (FB2)
  • Business Studies / Management, Master of Arts (FB2)
  • Human Resource Management, Master of Science (FB2)
  • International Business, Bachelor of Arts (FB2)
  • Agriculture, Bachelor of Science (FB1)
Number of study places 6
Additional information

FB1: 2 places (2 BA students x 10 months each) - contact: Prof. Dr. Dohmen
FB2: 2 places (2 BA/MA students x 8 months each) - contact: Isabell Höltge
FB3: 2 places (2 BA students x 10 months each) - contact: contact. Kalvelage

Spanish language skills Level B1 required

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