A Research Excursion to Barcelona

In April of 2019 the MBA students embarked on a journey to the beautiful city of Barcelona. As fun as the city is on its own, the students were visiting with a clear objective in mind: For the course “Corporate project Management II” with Prof. Dr. Cornelia Scott they were here to conduct empirical research about the attitude of citizens towards the last EU parliament election in May 2019. Under the topic “An analysis of the attitude of citizens towards the suggested EU-reforms” students were eager to learn more about people’s opinions about the EU in general as well as the European parliament elections, EU reforms and of course Brexit.

After the findings had been analyzed, the students got the chance to present them to colleagues at the University of Barcelona. That, however, was just a trial run for the final objective. Back at the HS Anhalt the students explained the research results to Dr. Wolfgang Merz from the Federal Ministry of Finance, Prof. Dr. Scott and Prof. Dr. Holz. To add to the newly acquired knowledge, Dr. Merz talked more in-depth about “Economic and Fiscal Policy Coordination (Eurozone and EU) –Necessity, Reforms, Perspectives”, which concluded the multifaceted research project.

Do not be fooled by the students’ excellent productivity – the visit in Barcelona of course also allowed for some sightseeing and free time spent wandering the picturesque alleyways of Catalonia’s capital, making the time in Spain not just a successful field trip, but also a fun excursion to one of Europe’s most interesting places.