Best Events

Bachelor in Business Law

Best Events

© Hochschule Anhalt

International evenings in the U-Boot

The best opportunity for students from all over the world to socialize and exchange ideas.

© R. Geue, Hochschule Anhalt

University Open Day

Interested individuals have the opportunity to gain insight into the departments and learn more about the degree programs and their prospects.

© Marie Mouton; Hochschule Anhalt

IBS and ‘Stammtisch’ meetings

Improve your language skills in an international atmosphere.

© Marie Mouton, Hochschule Anhalt

French evening event

Jouir d'une soirée agréable avec un concert en plein air et des plats typiquement français and everybody is cordially invited, of course.

© Marie Mouton, Hochschule Anhalt

DJ Prof evening events

Our professors as DJs for an evening: a different kind of lecture.

© Hochschule Anhalt

Barbecues and parties

The campus comes alive in the summer: people enjoy student life, barbecues and parties.

© R. Geue, Hochschule Anhalt

The Bernburg Castle

The castle, also fondly called the crown of Anhalt, towers above on the sandstone cliff, and offers an impressive view of the city and its surroundings.

© R. Geue, Hochschule Anhalt

Monastery festival

Numerous bands and artists will provide entertainment and the numerous monastery stalls will provide you with food and drink.

© O. Loos; Hochschule Anhalt

Monastery Christmas

The pre-Christmas highlight: Every year, the traditional monastery Christmas of Anhalt University takes place in the Bernburg Monastery.