Welcome to the Doctoral Center SGW

SGW stands for a special research strength in social, health and economic siences. Since 2021, you can do your doctorate at this Doctoral Center without cooperating with a university. To this end, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences works closely with the Merseburg, Harz and Magdeburg-Stendal Universities of Applied Sciences.

Here, the following academic degrees are awarded to early-stage scientists:

Doctor  of Philosophy (Dr. phil.) 

Doctor of Economics and social sciences (Dr. rer. pol.)


Excellent support at four universities of applied sciences 

The distinctive interdisciplinarity and the broad expertise of the participating professors from the four universities of applied sciences Magdeburg-Stendal, Anhalt, Harz and Merseburg are the special strengths of the inter-university Doctoral Center SGW. For your doctorate, supervising professors from the three disciplines of social sciences, health sciences and economics stand by your side.

Three thematic fields for more research strength

The research work of the Doctoral Center SGW in the thematic field of social sciences focuses on the interrelationships of social conditions, social and political systems, and institutions, their structures and functions, as well as their interactions with individuals, their actions and behavior.

Doctoral studies in the field of health sciences focus on the study of health, disease and rehabilitation processes. Research questions are based on the principles of population and system orientation, social situation orientation, multidisciplinarity and application orientation.

The research of the Doctoral Center SGW in the field of economics deals with topics from the four main disciplines: Business Administration, Economics, Business Informatics and Industrial Engineering. Furthermore, research questions from the fields of business ethics, business history, business education, business psychology, business sociology and business law are addressed.

Complex questions of the future

The doctoral students of the Doctoral Center SGW aim to contribute to answering the increasingly complex questions in the field of tension between the individual and society. In the context of the doctorate, interdisciplinary research approaches as well as the regional and supra-regional transfer of research results are to play a particular role.

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