• What is PROMOS?

    With this mobility program of the DAAD worldwide study-stays and internships of students are funded by granting scholarships and travel aids.

    The scholarships are awarded through the International Office of the Anhalt University in a quality-oriented selection process.

    PROMOS is a partial scholarship for stays abroad. The amount of the scholarship rates and travel aids depend on the destination country, and the funding rates of the DAAD.

    For guidance on possible funding levels, the list of the funding rates for 2022 can be downloaded here.

    Additionally here you can find some general information on safety precautions for stays abroad from DAAD (at the moment only available in German language).

  • Can I apply for PROMOS?

    Students of all study programs at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences can apply for financial support for their stays abroad.


    The following stays are supported:


    Study visits (1 to 6 months)

    • Both short stays (also for thesis) as well as semester scholarships for study visits of students in Bachelor's and Master's programs can be funded. Tuition fees are not covered.
    • As a rule, semester scholarships in the ERASMUS area are only possible where there is no ERASMUS cooperation for this subject area. Exceptions are students who have already been supported within an ERASMUS cooperation and can therefore no longer receive a grant in the framework of ERASMUS or if the quota of the existing cooperation is exhausted.


    Internships (6 weeks to 6 months)

    • Internships for students are generally eligible for funding worldwide. Due to overlaps with the ERASMUS internship program, internships in the ERASMUS area can not be funded.


  • How do I apply?

    Please send the applications in paper form by post to the International Office. In justified exceptional cases can also be submitted electronically, in electronic transmission, please send as a PDF file (folder).


    The following application documents for individual stays abroad must be submitted:

    • PROMOS-Application
    • Tabular Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • Letter of motivation (reasons and contents of the project abroad, possibly already existing contacts, classification of the study abroad in the study planning, according to the examination regulations prescribed stay abroad etc.)
    • Study related stays abroad confirmation (your department)
    • Letter of endorsement for the project abroad by a university teacher
    • Proof of required foreign language skills (DAAD language certificate  or equivalent evidence)
    • Proof of previous study achievements (HIS-QIS performance overview)
    • Learning Agreement (only for study visits)
    • Confirmation of admission of the foreign university / institution, confirmation of admission of the internship or employer 



    Postal address:

    University of Anhalt

    International Office

    Bernburger Strasse 55

    06366 Köthen


    Die Bewerbungen bitte in Papierform per Post an das International Office senden. In begründeten Ausnahmefällen kann auch elektronisch eingereicht werden, bei elektronischer Übermittlung bitte als eine PDF-Datei (Sammelmappe) senden.

    Folgende Bewerbungsunterlagen für individuelle Auslandsaufenthalte sind einzurreichen:

    • PROMOS-Bewerbungsformular
    • Tabellarischer Lebenslauf (CV)
    • Motivationsschreiben (Begründung und inhaltliche Darstellung des Vorhabens im Ausland, evtl. schon vorhandene Kontakte, Einordnung des Auslandsstudiums in die Studienplanung, lt. Prüfungsordnung vorgeschriebener Auslandsaufenthalt etc.)
    • Befürwortung des Vorhabens im Ausland durch einen zuständigen Hochschullehrer
    • Nachweis der erforderlichen Fremdsprachenkenntnisse (DAAD Sprachnachweis oder äquivalente Nachweise)
    • Nachweis über bisher erbrachte Studienleistungen (HIS-QIS Leistungsübersicht)
    • Learning Agreement (nur bei Studienaufenthalten)
    • Zulassungsbestätigung der ausländischen Hochschule/Einrichtung, Aufnahmebestätigung des Praktikums- oder Arbeitgebers



    Hochschule Anhalt
    International Office
    Bernburger Straße 55

    06366 Köthen

  • Language Assessment for DAAD/PROMOS applications

    All information, contacts and dates for language tests can be found here.

    Language tests at all sites of Anhalt University are offered by the Language Center. Appointments will be arranged individually. Therefore please get in touch with Mr Marcus Rau (marcus.rau(at) and be sure to allow for sufficient time in advance.

  • Deadlines

    November 30th for projects starting in the period from January to June of the following year.

    May 31st for projects starting from July of the same year.

  • Further Information

    While waiting for the final confirmation from the partner university, you should start taking care of visa, accommodation and insurance. For foreign insurance you can visit to compare the various insurance offers.

    The German Academic Exchange Service e.V.also offers insurance solutions for students, trainees and scientists in cooperation with partners. It is advisable to check whether the combined insurance solutions offered here (for example, health, accident and personal liability) are eligible.

    During the stay abroad, especially for stays in regions with critical security situation, it is recommended to register at the German Academic Exchange Service's website "elefand".

    Additionally here you can find some general information on safety precautions for stays abroad from DAAD (at the moment only available in German language).

My stay abroad - with a PROMOS-scholarship