Living in a student residence hall in Dessau

Following the national trend for student living, the Studentenwerk (Student Services) Halle offers individual rooms and apartments. Depending on how much the apartment has been modernized, an attempt is made to keep rent at a socially acceptable level.

If you decide you would like a room in a residence hall, the date on which the applications are received determines the order in which the rooms are allocated.

You can find the application online at:

Residence halls in Dessau

  • Brauereistraße 9 E to H

    The five-floor residence hall in Dessau’s district Ziebigk is surrounded by greenery and has over 65 individual apartments and 32 single rooms with their own bathroom and a common kitchen.

    The residence hall’s rooms are between 11.6 and 20.5 m².

    All rooms are furnished.

    The cost for accessing the university’s data network is already included in rent.

    Bicycle rooms, washing machines, and dryers are located in the basement.

    There is a sufficient number of free parking spots on the property.

    Anhalt University’s teaching and administration area is only 10 minutes away by foot, and Dessau’s city center is only 20 minutes away.

  • Heinz-Röttger-Straße 3

    The residence hall is in the city district Ziebigk directly near a park.

    Residents enjoy the quiet and familiar atmosphere of the building.

    It offers 20 rooms in shared apartments for 3 to 5 tenants. The individual rooms are furnished and between 11.8 and 21.5 m². There are common kitchens and bathrooms.

    In the basement, bicycles can be stored and washing machines and dryers can be used for a small fee.

    The distance to Dessau’s city center is around 1.5 kilometers and it’s one kilometer to the central train station.

  • Hardenbergstraße 29

    The residence hall close to the Bauhaus offers students housing in furnished individual apartments and single rooms in shared apartments.

    It is very popular because it is so close to the university’s teaching and administration area.

    It offers 30 rooms in 24 individual apartments or 6 single rooms in shared apartments for 3 tenants with rooms between 10 and 21 m².

    The cost for accessing the university’s data network is already included in rent.

    Residents in the shared apartments have a common kitchen and bathroom.

    The individual apartments each have their own kitchenette and bathroom.

    In the basement, there is a laundry room with a dryer and a bicycle room. Each room has a separate, locked spot in the basement to store things.

    There is a sufficient number of free parking spots behind the residence hall.

private Wohnheime

  • private dormitories on campus

    Two buildings on the campus are managed in their type of use as dormitories with a total of 29 apartments. These are predominantly furnished 1-room apartments as well as four 2-person shared apartments.
    The rental contracts are designed as semester contracts (short-term rental contract) and all additional costs are included in the rental prices.


    Oliver Schob
    Seminarplatz 4
    06846 Dessau-Roßlau