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Upcoming Application Window

The next application window through uni-assist opens August 1st and ends October 31st.

Application Requirements

The Master in Integrated Design also known as MAID
is happy to welcome students from all over the world
and all walks of life.

Entry Qualifications

  • BA degree in Design or related disciplines (product, communication, media, interior, architecture, environmental design, etc.) 
  • relevant experience in design or a related fields is strongly recommended but not strictly necessary
  • language requirements: C1 or equivalent


For all requirements please see follow the link:


Hall of Residence

Application for a Room in a Hall of Residence

Please apply for admission as soon as possible. Availability is very limited.


Our program is trying to combine the design fields of graphic, communication, media and industrial design by offering projects and classes that require the students to sophistically apply previously acquired skills in one or more of these fields. Even though architecture, interior design, art and fashion design are at the far end of this list and we have always selected students also with these backgrounds.

Successful portfolios must prove that the applicant is able to think outside of the box. As part of this thinking we are interested in seeing a variety of projects tackling different problems and offering different solutions. We are also looking for process rather than focussing on high-end renderings as final solutions. This includes sketches, models, and other forms of exploring your ideas.

We also must make sure that all accepted students are on a somewhat comparable level. Each student is required to jump right into the projects. 

Please keep in mind that your portfolio plays the biggest role in our decision making process. It should represent who you are as a designer and how you work.




Application Procedure

The school is now using uni-assist for all international applications. An additional application directly to the university is not necesssary. Please do not send any material to the university. Also, it is necessary to send documents such diplomas as hard copies to uni-assist. Please read the information offered by uni-assist carefully. Only after the hard copies of certified copy of higher education entrance qualification (ba-degree), and language certificate have been received is your application complete. In case you receive your language certificate post the application deadline, contact us so we are aware of this.


Please follow this link to get started:

The MAID can be found under Integrated Design.

Our school is listed under: Bernburg/Dessau/Köthen, Hochschule Anhalt

The deadline to join in the following winter begins in January and ends April 30th. The deadline to join in the following summer begins in July and ends October 31st.





Every student is expected to pay 800.- € (administrative fee for Master Program) plus 76,-€ (admininistrative fee for general registration and student union) per semester.


The MAID welcomes new students every semester. The application deadline for the upcoming winter semester is April 30th, the deadline for the upcoming summer semester is October 31st.

We advise new students to arrive two weeks in advance to prepare their stay here