Nomination and awarding at Anhalt University

Who can be nominated?

International degree students of the Anhalt University studying at Bernburg, Dessau and Köthen can be nominated, if they intend to graduate at Anhalt University and stay mostly in Germany. The students should distinguish themselves with excellent academic efforts and, in addition, are engaged in social or intercultural activities.

Those who graduated not more than three months in the past and Ph.D. candidates can be nominated, too.


Can new students be nominated?

No. The nominated students should be in the 3rd semester at least. Bachelor and Master students are eligible.


Who can not be nominated?

  • Students with a german higher education entrance
  • Exchange students


Can international students apply themselves?

No. Direct application are not accepted.


Who can submit a nomination?

All teaching employees at Anhalt University.


Can candidates be supported by other organisations?

Yes. But is is intended to award students who master their studies by themselves.


Which documents need to be submitted along the nomination?

  • current references from two teachning employees with an assessment of the academic performance.
  • 1-2 references which provide information about the social and/or intercultural commitment
  • detailled curriculum vitae and current overview of grades (HIS-QIS) and contact information of the nominating person

What is the deadline for submitting nominations?

Nominations have to be submitted per mail or E-mail until 16.06.2019 at the International Office.


When will the award winner be chosen?

In case of various nominations the choice will be done in the summer by a jury consisting of representatives from the International Office, the department and a student representative from another department than the candidate.

When and how will the award ceremony take place?

The award ceremony takes place in a suitable festive setting in the beginning of the winter semester at the place of study of the award winner. Further information will be provided by the International Office.

The public awareness of the award ceremony will be enhanced by the International Office by informing the local press and through publications in the university media.

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