Acceptance exam

All students who have applied for a spot at the Studienkolleg must take an acceptance exam. The acceptance exam takes place in February and August around one week before lessons start in the Studienkolleg (see semester schedule).

According to the statutes (fee regulations) of Saxony-Anhalt’s Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg), at least €30 must be charged for the acceptance exam. Please bring €30 in cash with you to the exam.

Aids (e.g. dictionaries, grammar books, formula collections, calculators, and other electronic devices) are not permitted for the tests. The students are accepted into the Preparatory School (Landesstudienkolleg) according to the number of points they achieved on the entrance exam and the number of available spots.

The content of the acceptance exam varies depending on the different courses:

Content of the acceptance exam

  • G Course / DSH Course (German test)

    Applicants for the G Course and the DSH Course have to pass a German test. This covers three areas:

    • Text production according to specific guidelines
    • Understanding and processing scientific language structures  (grammar)


    Clicke here for a sample exam.

  • W Course / T Course (German and math test)

    Applicants for the W Course and the T Course have to pass a German test as well as a math test:

    • Mathematics
    • C Test in German


    Clicke here for a sample exam (German und maths).