Health Insurance

In Germany, health insurance is compulsory during the entire period of study. According to § 29 Paragraph 2 No. 5 of the Higher Education Act of the State of Saxony-Anhalt, enrollment is to be denied if proof of sufficient health insurance is not provided.

There are two types of health insurance in Germany:

  1.     statutory, public insurance
  2.     private insurances

Information for applicants and first semester students

At the latest at the time of enrollment, we require an electronic notification of your insurance status from your health insurance company. Please contact your health insurance company so that they can send the required notification to us electronically.

  • Statutory or private health insurance?

    Younger than 30 years? Then German statutory health insurance is easiest.

    Older than 30 years? Then the options in Germany are voluntary statutory health insurance (continuation of statutory health insurance) or private health insurance.

    Please inform yourself about the differences between a statutory or private health insurance at the respective health insurance company.

    It pays to compare!

  • Information for international students

    Student health insurance is only valid from the official start of the semester (01 April / 01 October). If you arrive before the start of the semester, you should, if necessary, take out travel health insurance that is valid until the start of the semester.  

    • Note for EU citizens   

    Please contact a statutory health insurance company in Germany and show your EU Blue Insurance Card (EHIC), which you can get in your home country.  

    • Note for NON-EU citizens   

    Non-EU citizens must take out health insurance with a German insurance provider. Insurance policies taken out in your home country are often insufficient in case of benefits and therefore cannot be accepted. Enrollment is not possible without German health insurance.  

    Important! Before taking out a health insurance policy (whether statutory or private), please always check whether its benefits meet your needs. Not all private health insurances are accepted by the Foreigners' Registration Office for the issuance of a residence permit. Therefore, please clarify this with the Aliens' Registration Office before taking out the insurance.

  • Information on private health insurance

    Please contact any statutory health insurance company, they will then notify us of the existence of private insurance.

    Exemption from compulsory health insurance for privately insured persons:
    Students who become subject to compulsory health insurance as a result of enrolling at a university, but who wish to continue to have private health insurance (usually through co-insurance through their parents), may apply for an exemption from compulsory insurance.

    The exemption cannot be revoked; it is valid for the entire duration of the studies. Please contact your health insurance company to find out what it means to be exempted from compulsory health insurance. This applies in particular to applicants / students who are "co-insured" privately with their parents; this is not possible indefinitely, so you may have to take out your own private insurance later in the course of your studies.

Information for students

For students who are already enrolled at Anhalt University of Apllied Sciences, there is nothing to consider for the time being.

  • Students who change their health insurance company

    In the event of a change of health insurance company, we require an electronic notification from your new health insurance company. Please contact your new health insurance company so that they can send us the required notification electronically.

  • Do you have private health insurance?

    For students who are already enrolled at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, there is nothing to consider for the time being. The changeover will only affect you as soon as, for example, a change in health insurance takes place.

Electronic reporting procedure of the statutory health insurance funds

According to § 199a of the German Social Security Code (SGB) V, there is a mutual reporting obligation regarding health insurance between health insurance companies and universities. Anhalt University of Applied Sciences uses the electronic student registration procedure since 01.01.2022. Reporting in paper form is no longer possible!

The health insurance companies report to the university:

  • M 10 - Insurance status (compulsory or exempt)
  • M 11 - Start of insurance after change of health insurance company
  • M 12 - Delay in payment of health insurance contributions
  • M 13 - Payment of health insurance contributions in arrears

The university reports to the health insurance companies:

  • M20 - Start of studies with semester start and day of enrollment
  • M30 - End of studies with end of semester and day of de-registration / termination

If you have any questions, please contact your local enollment office.