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Reactivation of blocked university accounts
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With the self-service function in the SSC Student Portal and in the HIS-QIS Examination Portal, various functions can be taken over independently by students.

SSC Student Portal

Issuing certificates
Certificates (e.g. enrollment certificate, study certificate) can be downloaded and printed independently via the SSC Student Portal.

Change of address and name
Have you moved or got married? Please keep your data up to date and let us know. When doing so, please make address changes independently in the General Administration section of the SSC Student Portal.

Link to SSC Student Portal

User ID (initial password)

The user name as well as the initial password are noted individually for each student on the enrollment certificate under the item "important information" (available via the SSC student portal). This data secures access to the university's digital services.

The initial password or an already changed password (central password) with validity for all digital services of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences can be changed via the helpdesk of the ISC (IT Service Center).

Note! Updating the password can take up to 24 hours.

HIS-QIS Examination Portal

Issuing performance overviews
You can download and print out performance overviews on your own via the HIS-QIS Examination Portal.

Link to HIS-QIS Examination Portal