Prof. Dr. Stefan Twieg

Do you like to write your Bachelor-/ Master-thesis or a project report on a challenging topic? Please get in contact with me and find some ideas below.

If you - students as well as companies - are interested in another topic (or e.g. in co-operation with industry) please get in contact with me.

Subject areas

  • Robotics and machine learning

    • Object recognition and navigation
    • communication
    • Object interaction
    • Sensors
    • Algorithms
    • Robot operating system
    • DIY robot development
  • Electrical engineering and automation technology

    • Industry 4.0
    • Smart home
    • PLC programming
    • Microcontroller
    • communication
    • DIY projects / development
  • Examples

    Selection of some exciting topics for student work:

    • SLAM algorithms comparison
    • Investigation of lidar sensors for use in robots
    • Robot development based on the robot operating system
    • AR and VR in the field of robotics
    • Conception of a multicopter for heavy loads
    • Object recognition with a humanoid robot
    • Design and implementation of choreographies for a humaioden robot
    • Comparison and analysis of DIY open source robots
    • Analysis of machine components using an Arduino microcontroller
    • Construction and analysis of an MQTT based industrial and smart home network
    • Improvement of a small digital factory (Siemens SPS Step7)
  • other topics

    ... depending on your interests and current projects, there are other topics by arrangement.