Prof. Johannes Tümler

The professorship "Ingenieurinformatik" (Computer Science for Engineers) exists at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences since February 2019.

Prof. Dr. Johannes Tümler is active in the field of applied computer sciences in research and teaching. For this he makes use of his personal 15+ year industrial (Volkswagen) and applied research (Fraunhofer) experience.

  • What is it?

    "Computer Science for Engineers" acts as an interface between regular computer science and engineering disciplines. At Hochschule Anhalt it is situated at FB6 - EMW (the engineering faculty).

    Key aspects are:

    • Fundamental basics of computer science for engineers
    • Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and Virtual Reality in industrial application
  • For whom is it?

    In general on the one hand it affects computer scientists that develop and research algorithms for engineers. On the other hand it is for engineers and designers that deal with computer science topics.

    More precisely at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences it is relevant for all students at department 6 / EMW for bachelor (basics of computer science for engineers) and master (Augmented, Mixed, Virtual Reality) degree courses.


For students:

  • Supervision of internal and external final theses (Bachelor, Master) in department 6 (primary) and 5 (secondary)
  • Supervison of external industry internships
  • Contacts to industry as well as small and medium sized companies

For companies and institutions:

  • Expert reports in the field of Augmented, Mixed und Virtual Reality
  • Cooperation in public funded projects, especially in the field of Augmented, Mixed und Virtual Reality
  • Industry projects
  • Practical projects together with students
  • Support to find candidates for final thesis projects as well as future employees


  • VR: PCs with HP Reverb, Oculus Quest, Cardboard
  • AR: HoloLens, Android Smartphones, iOS Smartphones